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Internship & Practicum Database (IPD)

IPD is currently under construction. Please check back regularly for updates.


Mentorship Match Program (MMP)

The primary purpose of the Mentorship Match Program (MMP) is to facilitate the development of effective mentoring opportunities for AASP student members. Joining forces with the Proactive Peer Undergraduate Mentorship Program (PPUMP), the revised MMP will extend across the spectrum of student development from undergraduate to early career professional. Mentees and mentors are matched based on factors that may include professional interests, work/supervision style, preferred mode of communication, and geographic location. Mentees and mentors work together to identify individual goals and action plans. They are invited and encouraged to share their experiences, as well as ideas for improving MMP, at the annual conference. MMP participation is open to current AASP student members only

**Note: The 2015 deadline for mentee/mentor matches has passed. Please check back in January of 2016 for opportunities to participate in next year's matches.

To learn more about or become involved with MMP, please contact Angel Brutus at

Performance Excellence Magazine (PEM)

The Performance Excellence Magazine (PEM) is a visually engaging, online magazine designed to increase public awareness of the application of sport and exercise psychology skills. PEM informs readers with insight into opportunities to apply performance psychology techniques within sport and non-sport domains. Previous editions have focused on business coaching, medicine, the military, music, and elite athletes. PEM is written and edited by AASP student members.

To learn more about or become involved with the PEM, please contact Nicole Gabana at

Website & Social Media (WSM)

The purpose of the Website & Social Media (WSM) initiative is to increase global awareness of student-run initiatives and student contributions to AASP through online social media outlets. Members will work towards making the student section of the website useful, informative, and helpful to all current and potential AASP student members. A major function will be to work with the Web Presence Committee (WPC) to update and maintain the student section of the AASP website. This includes working with other student-run initiatives to ensure that all information on the website is accurate and easily accessible.

To learn more about or become involved with WSM, please contact Taryn Brandt at

Student Conference Volunteers (SCV)

The purpose of the Student Conference Volunteers (SCV) are to assist with audio/visual production for conference presentations, collect attendance data, and serve as the liaison between the conference presenter and AASP management group during the annual conference. The Student Conference Volunteer opportunity to only available to AASP student members. For more details on membership and how to join AASP, please visit the page on Membership Benefits

To learn more about or become involved with SCV, contact Chrissy Pacewicz at

Graduate Information Fair (GIF)

The Graduate Information Fair (GIF) provides a student-friendly environment for AASP members to learn more about various sport psychology graduate programs and internship sites. Hosted during the annual conference, GIF provides prospective students the opportunity to directly interact with current students and faculty members of graduate programs and internships sites from around the globe who elect to participate in the fair. This is a great opportunity for current students to find applied training opportunities and to network with faculty and supervisors from those sites.

 To learn more about or become involved with GIF, please contact Joanna Foss at

Student Challenge Initiative (SCI)

Student Challenge Initiative (SCI) is an exciting game-show themed contest for student participation at the annual conference. Started in 2013, the event challenges students' knowledge on information presented during that year's conference keynote presentations. Winners receive cash and/or other prizes.

To learn more about or become involved with the SCI, please contact us via email at


Best Practices in Research (BPR)

Best Practices for Research (BPR) is a resource to help guide future research in sport psychology. BPR provides AASP student members with effective strategies for conducting and understanding best research practices. BPR informs readers of common obstacles and pitfalls that sports researchers face, offers general guidelines for overcoming and preventing them, and details the steps needed for a successful research project. BPR is created and updated by AASP student members.

**Note: BPR encourages your ideas, suggestions, and contributions. Resources will be available soon!

To learn more about or become involved with BPR, please contact Davis VanderVeen at

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