About Certification

Certification as a Certified Mental Performance Consultant ® (CMPC) demonstrates to clients, employers, colleagues, and the public at large that a certified individual has met the highest standards of professional practice, including completing a combination of educational and work requirements, successfully passing a certification exam, agreeing to adhere to ethical principles and standards, and committing to ongoing professional development. These individuals have obtained objective validation of their expertise in helping clients develop and use mental, life, and self-regulatory skills to optimize performance, enjoyment, performance, and/or personal development in sport or other domains (e.g., performing arts, military).

CMPCs are individuals with a master’s or doctoral degree in sport science, psychology or a closely related field who have met specific course requirements and have completed an extensive, mentored applied experience. The disciplines included within the sport psychology field applicable to those holding the CMPC ® designation include: clinical psychology, educational psychology and clinical mental health counseling, social work, industrial-organizational psychology, and sport psychology from a sport science basis. A CMPC may work with a wide variety of participants in sport and performance.

Some examples include:

  • Youth sport through elite level coaches and administrators
  • Youth sport, high school, college, and elite level athletes
  • Athletes with disabilities
  • Recreational athletes
  • Injured athletes
  • Athletic trainers
  • Non-sport performers (dancers, musicians)
  • High-risk occupations (military, firefighters, police)
  • Business professionals

In 2017, there were CMPCs providing these services in 20 countries around the world.   

The CMPC certification process encourages professionals who complete it to maintain high standards of professional conduct while providing service to others.

Individuals who are certified may use "Certified Mental Performance Consultant ®" or "CMPC ®" after their name and highest university degree. While the CMPC designation signifies the highest standard of education and training in the psychological aspects of sport science, it does not designate the individual as a “sport psychologist.” Requirements for providing psychological services are determined by individual state, provincial, and/or territorial licensing boards.

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