Benefits of Certification

You may be asking yourself, “Why should I become a “Certified Consultant, AASP”?  

That’s an important question because certification can be a difficult and time-consuming process that is only worth completing if you feel you are getting some significant benefits in return.   

How is certification beneficial to you and the field? 

1.  Certification promotes quality control

  • Certification helps the public understand the importance of using sport psychology consultants who have the background and training to provide quality services. 
  • AASP has a strong commitment to support quality control among sport psychology consultants, and each person working in the field has a professional obligation to become certified and promote certification with our colleagues and students.
  • Certification provides a system through which we can recognize consultants with the right type of coursework and practicum/internship experiences -- the credentials needed to be a better service provider than consultants without these experiences. 
  • AASP certification is a prerequisite to being placed on the USOC Registry that allows sport psychology consultants to work with US Olympic athletes and teams. 

2.  Certification allows AASP to provide quality service to the public

  • Individuals can go to the AASP website to find a qualified consultant to meet their needs and the qualifications they should look for when selecting a consultant.
  • Each of us who wants to promote AASP and applied sport and exercise psychology has a professional obligation to this public service function of certification. 

3.  Certification can help increase consulting opportunities for AASP certified consultants

  • As more people become certified, AASP’s marketing efforts will become more meaningful and effective.
  • As certified consultants become more visible:
    • Consumers will learn that sport and exercise psychology has something beneficial to offer them (e.g., help them perform better, enhance enjoyment, increase adherence, improve interpersonal relationships, reduce injuries and promote healing). 
    • Individuals seeking consultation will look for a sport and exercise psychology consultant who is AASP certified.
    • The public will look to AASP as a leader in the field

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