Web Presence Committee

The purpose of the Web Presence Committee (WPC) is to develop and manage AASP’s
internet presence, which includes both the traditional website and social media (SM). The
ultimate goal of the WPC is to increase AASP’s exposure on the internet and to make the
website a destination worth visiting on a regular basis for AASP members as well as
athletes, parents, coaches, students, practitioners, and scholars. The WPC will accomplish
this goal by:

1.) Developing content (or soliciting the creation of content) for the website and SM.
2.) Promoting/advertising new content and the organization through SM, which includes
integrating SM into the website.
3.) Organizing the website and any used SM sites in a coherent manner.
4.) Acting as a liaison between the Public Relations and Outreach Division and the
Publications/Information Division.
5.) Collaborating with the Student Website Committee (and other relevant groups) to
implement these projects.

Members of this committee are:

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