International Relations Committee

The mission of the International Relations Committee is to promote representation of sport psychology outside of the United States. One of the major activities that the IRC conducts is to identify distinguished international scholars who make significant contributions to the scientific body of knowledge and/or practical application in the field of sport psychology. The IRC also hosts a symposium on the regular base with invited international scholars and practitioners who represent different regions of the world. The third activity that IRC focuses on is to establish an exchange relationship with other international sport psychology organizations.

The International Relations Committee members are:

  • Alessandro Quartiroli (USA/Italy), chair
  • Irina Singh (India)
  • Sebastian Bruckner (Germany)
  • Takahiro Sato (USA/Japan)
  • Olivier Schmid (Switzerland)
  • Jean Fournier (France)
  • Sae-Mi (Sammy) Lee (USA/Korea)
  • Gustavo Korte (Brazil)
  • Donald La Guerre (Trinidad and Tobago)
  • Marta Guivernau (USA)
  • Stiliani Chroni (Greece)
  • Tadhg MacIntyre (Ireland)
  • Patsy Tremayne (Australia)
  • Angela Soek Hau (Hong Kong)
  • Shameema Yousuf (United Kingdom)
  • Ric Lugo (Norway)
  • Michel Hogue (Canada)
  • Faye Didymus (United Kingdom) 

Past Chairs:

  • Stephanie Hanrahan
  • Mi-Sook Kim
  • Artur Poczwardowski
  • Glyn Roberts
  • Tatiana Ryba

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