AASP Student Awards


In an effort to recognize the AASP’s student members' contributions to the science and practice of applied sport psychology, AASP has established an awards and grants program. Any AASP student member is encouraged to apply for awards / grants, provided the meet the necessary requirements outlined for each award / grant.

Unless otherwise noted, address all questions and nominations for AASP Awards to the President–Elect, who coordinates all selection committees, and all questions for the Grants program to the Science and Education Division Head, who coordinates the review process.  

Award Applications

The awards recognize student members for their work to advance the knowledge base and enhance the delivery of services to consumers. Outlined below are student awards available:
*Deadline for all awards: March 1 of each year.

Distinguished Student Practice Award

AASP is pleased to accept nominations for the Distinguished Student Practice Award. This award recognizes outstanding or innovative service delivery in sport psychology by a student member of AASP. This award may not be awarded annually. Service delivery and client is defined broadly and reaches across all areas of AASP.

Award Criteria

  • Must be a student at the time of deadline for submissions, but does not have to be a student at the time the award is presented.
  • Must be an AASP member at the time of submission and the time the award is presented.
  • Must have at least 100 direct contact hours with clients. Direct contact is defined by the hours in which you were face-to-face with an individual athlete, coach, team, exerciser or client.

Master's Thesis Award

AASP invites student members to submit applications for the Outstanding Master’s Thesis Award. Applicants must meet the following guidelines:

  • Completed a thesis on a topic related to sport, exercise, and/or health psychology between January 1 and December 31
  • Membership in AASP  the application year and year preceding application

Doctoral Dissertation Award

AASP invites student members to submit applications for the outstanding doctoral dissertation award. Applicants for the AASP Dissertation Award must meet the following guidelines:

  • Complete a dissertation on a topic involving sport, exercise, and/or health between January 1 and December 31
  • Membership in AASP the application year and the year preceding application

Student Diversity Award

The purpose of the Student Diversity Award is to:

Recognize and honor the achievements of students involved in research, service or applied experiences that focus on diversity issues, including, but not limited to race or ethnicity, sexual orientation, social class, or disability.

Award Criteria

Applicants for the award must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a current AASP student member at the time of submission and award.
  • Have made important contributions to the field of sport and exercise psychology in the area of diversity including but not limited to research, service, or applied work with clients, organizations or community groups dealing with diversity issues. Applicants need only fulfill one area (i.e., research, service or applied work) to be eligible.

Submission requirements

AASP student members who feel qualified may nominate themselves and are encouraged to do so. In addition, AASP professional members are encouraged to nominate qualified individuals for this award.

  • A three page essay which addresses:
    • (a) how the student incorporates issues of diversity into her/his research, service and/or applied work
    • (b) the importance of addressing diversity in the field of sport and exercise psychology.
  • A letter of recommendation from an AASP professional member familiar with the student’s work.
  • An updated curriculum vita.

Nominations for the award should be submitted before the March 1 deadline to the Chair of the Diversity Committee. The decision of the Diversity Committee will be submitted to the Executive Board for final approval. 

Award Recognition

  • The Conference registration fee will be waived for the year of the award.
  • A plaque will be given to the award winners at the Conference.

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