In an effort to recognize the Association members' contributions to the science and practice of applied sport psychology, AASP has established an awards and grants program.

AASP Awards recognize the outstanding contributions of student and professional members whose work advances the knowledge base and enhances the delivery of services to consumers.

Address all questions and nominations for AASP Awards to the President–Elect who coordinates all selection committees. All nomination materials and letters of recommendations must be received by March 1 of the award year with the exception of the Performance Excellence Award, which is due by November 1 of the year prior to the award being given (i.e. November 1, 2017 for the 2018 award).


  • Dissertation Award 
    Recognizes the completion of an outstanding dissertation by an AASP doctoral student member (More Info)

  • Distinguished International Scholar (DIS)
    Award given in odd numbered years; will be offered again in 2019
    Honors the achievements of outstanding individuals from the international community whose scientific and/or applied work has significantly influenced the field of sport and exercise psychology. (More Info)

  • Distinguished Professional Practice Award
    Awards an AASP professional member who demonstrates exceptional quality and innovation in delivering sport and exercise psychology services to the public (More Info)

  • Distinguished Doctoral Student Practice Award
    Acknowledges outstanding and innovative service delivery in sport and exercise psychology by an AASP Doctoral student member (More Info)

  • Distinguished Master's Student Practice Award
    Acknowledges outstanding and innovative service delivery in sport and exercise psychology by an AASP Master's student member (More Info)

  • Dorothy V. Harris Memorial Award
    Recognizes an AASP member, in the early stage of her or his professional career, who has made outstanding contributions that are both theoretical and practical (More Info)

  • Performance Excellence Award
    Recognizes individuals who embody exemplary psychological principles associated with performance excellence as demonstrated through consistent achievement, merit or leadership over the course of their career (More Info)
  • Student Diversity Award
    Recognizes and honors the achievements of students involved in research, service or applied experiences that focus on diversity issues (More Info)

  • Master's Thesis Award
    Acknowledges the completion of an outstanding thesis by an AASP student member (More Info)

  • Distinguished Mentor Award
    Recognizes outstanding efforts by an AASP member as a mentor/supervisor who has had a significant impact on their mentees in the field. Funded by the AASP Foundation. (More Info)

  • Distinguished Applied Contribution Award
    Recognizes a book, video, webinar, etc. produced in the past year by an AASP member which made a significant contribution to education and/or practice in an area within our field. Funded by the AASP Foundation. (More Info)

Click here to view past award recipients.

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