News Releases

2014 News Releases

Media Advisory-AASP Launches Audio/Video Library
April 2014 (PDF)
Paralympians Prepare for Sochi
February 2014 (PDF)
Athletes Prepare Mentally for Olympic Games
January 2014 (PDF) | Video: Sean McCann on Sport Psychology at the Winter Games

2013 News Releases

Association for Applied Sport Psychology Launches New Speakers Bureau
November 2013 (PDF)
NFL All-Time Leading Scorer Morten Andersen Honored by the Association for Applied Sport Psychology
October 2013 (PDF)
Performing Artists Benefit from Mental Skills Training
June 2013 (PDF)
Getting Back in the Game After Concussion and Injury
April 2013 (PDF)
Mastering Mental Skills Helps Achieve Long-Lasting Routine
January 2013 (PDF) 

2012 News Releases

Swimmer Develops Mental Skills to Help Secure Spot on Olympic Team
July 2012 (PDF)
Psychological Preparation Is Key To Olympic Performance: Research documents factors influencing athlete, team and coach performance
May 2012 (PDF)
Mental Game Will Be Key During Summer Olympics: Sport psychology support instrumental before, during and after the Games
May 2012 (PDF)
Disappointment Is Fair Game: Champions face adversity and turn it into victory
May 2012 (PDF)
Mental Skills Key To Successful Olympic Comebacks: Competitors overcome injuries and age to build confidence and focus on goals
May 2012 (PDF)
The Last Five Minutes Before Competition Can Determine The Outcome
May 2012 (PDF)
After The Olympic Games, Athletes Determine What’s Next: New research helps guide athletes and coaches during post-Olympic times
May 2012 (PDF)
Secrets to Successful Exercise Adherence: Tips From The Experts To Beat False Hope Syndrome
February 2012 (PDF)

2011 News Releases

AASP Authorities Offer Insight to Improve Mental Skills for Running
July 1, 2011 (PDF)

AASP Authorities Offer Insight to Improve Mental Skills and Golf Game
April 27, 2011 (PDF)

Certification Matters in the Field of Sport and Exercise Psychology
April 2011 (PDF)

Sport Injuries are More Than Physical
January 2011 (PDF)

2010 News Releases

Association of Applied Sport Psychology Celebrates 25 Years Serving a Growing Population
June 2010 (PDF)

Sport Psychology Was Critial to Trans-Atlantic Rower's Success
May 2010 (PDF)

AASP On-Call Program Offers Speciality Sport Topic Authorities
April 2010 (PDF)
Sport Psychology and the Athlete: A Winning Combination
February 2010 (PDF)

2009 News Releases

Simple Strategies Can Increase Odds of Sticking with an Exercise Routine
December 2009 (PDF)

Association for Applied Sport Psychology Helps Coach the Coaches
May 2009 (PDF)

For Better or Worse, Fan Behavior Impacts Athletes
January 2009 (PDF)

2008 News Releases

Sport Psychologist, Coach and Athlete Make a Winning Team
December 2008 (PDF)

Planning for a Healthy Holiday Season and a Happy New Year
November 2008 (PDF)

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