Online Courses

Certification Requirements and Online Courses

AASP requires specific coursework to meet certification requirements.

Distance or on-line full credit courses can apply toward these requirements.

Course should be:

  • from regionally accredited colleges and universities (Western Association, North Central Association, Southern Association, Middle States Association, New England Association, Northwest Association)
  • full credit and taken for a grade (not pass/fail)

Where can these courses be found?

Many regionally accredited colleges and universities offer these courses. Be aware that online courses can be as rigorous as face-to-face courses.  A sample of schools offering the courses is below.

No costs are included since those have a tendency to change. Consult the individual institution for specific information about costs, schedules and admission criteria. Many community college give courses online. They are usually open admission and often charge lower fees (especially for residents of the county) than other colleges.

*This list is not meant to be exhaustive.

Certification Course Requirements and Associated Distance Courses

C1. Ethics and Standards

Graduate Level Courses:
 Professional and Ethical IssuesArgosy University
 Ethics in PracticeArgosy University

C2. Sport Psychology   (requirement: 3 courses, 2 at graduate level)

 Sport PsychologyCapella University
 Sport PsychologyBowling Green State University 
 Applied Sport PsychologyCalifornia University of Pennsylvania  
 Applied Sport PsychologyCapella University
 Applied Sport PsychologyUniversity of Texas Telecampus 
 Applied Sport PsychologyUniversity of Texas-Tyler
 Exercise PsychologyBowling Green State University 
HHD 552Sport PsychologyMontana State University
Undergradute Level Courses:
 Sport PsychologyCalifornia State University Dominguez 

PSY 300

Social Psychology of SportNational University

PSY 442

Seminar in Applied Sport PsychologyNational University

PSY 445

Applied Sport PsychologyNational University

KNES 355-040

Psychology of SportTowson University

C3. Biomechanical/Physiological Bases of Sport

 Applied BiomechanicsUniversity of Texas – Tyler 
 Exercise PhysiologyUMassOnline 
 Exercise PhysiologyUniversity of Texas Telecampus 
 Exercise PhysiologyCalifornia University of Pennsylvania  

C4. Historical, Philosophical, Social or Motor Behavior Bases Motor Learning and Control

  University of Texas Telecampus 
  University of Houston 
 Sociology of SportOregon State University  
 Sociology of SportUniversity of New Haven 
 Critical Evaluation of Contemporary Issues in Human Movement, Sport & LeisureBowling Green State University 
 Sport and Higher EducationBowling Green State University 
 History/Philosophy of SportUniversity of Texas Telecampus 
 History/Philosophy of SportIndiana University
 History/Philosophy of SportCalifornia State East Bay 

C5. Psychopathology and its assessment

 Abnormal PsychologyUMassOnline
 Abnormal PsychologyBowling Green State University
 Abnormal PsychologyCapella University
 Abnormal PsychologyUniversity of Maryland University College 
 Abnormal PsychologyIndiana University
Undergradute Level Courses:

PSY 430

PsychopathologyNational University

C6. Counseling Skills – (graduate level)

  Argosy  University
  Johns Hopkins University
  Montana State University 

C7. Skills/Techniques/Analysis

**These will be hard to find online since they are skill classes.

C8. Research design, statistics, and psychological assessment

Graduate Level Courses:
  Montana State University 
  Capella University  
  Oregon State University

HUB 650

Foundations of Behavioral ResearchNational University

C9-C12 – at least 2 of these must focus on general psychological rather than sport specific.

C9. Biological Bases of Behavior

Undergradute Level Courses:

PSY 427

Biological PsychologyNational University
Graduate Level Courses:

PSY 655

PsychopharmacologyNational University
 Physiological PsychologyArgosy University
 Foundations of NeuropsychHarvard Extension School  
 The Brain in PsychHarvard Extension School 

C10. Cognitive-Affective Bases of Behavior

 Cognition and LearningArgosy University
  Montana State University  
  University of Maryland University College  

C11. Social Bases of Behavior

 Social PsychologyArgosy University  
 Social PsychologyIndiana University 
 Social PsychologyUniversity of Maryland University College 
 Sport and GenderBowling Green State University 

C12. Individual Behavior

Under Graduate Level Courses:
  Argosy University
 Psychology of Child DevelopmentBowling Green State University

PSY 428

Developmental PsychologyNational University

PSY 429

Introduction to Personality TheoryNational University
  University of Maryland University College

If you would like to add relevant on-line courses to this list, please contact the Chair of the Certification Review Committee.

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