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Available CC-AASP Mentors

(updated November 8, 2016)

Below is contact information for current CC-AASP mentors who stated they are willing to provide mentorship (locally or from a distance) to interested students or applicants working towards AASP certification. AASP provides these names as a service to applicants and does not take any responsibility for any agreements between the mentor and mentee.

Anderson, Treva 
Phone: 239-313-1269

Fee: $50/hour

Short Description: This opportunity is exclusively for mentorship, not an internship. Those seeking mentorship will need to have access to their own client base. I will work with mentees via e-mail/phone/skype if face-to-face is not possible. We would have an initial discussion to ensure that it will be a good fit and move forward in the process from there. I will require mentees to provide consulting information according to AASP guidelines and we would discuss individual cases, ethics, interventions, etc. as needed.

Boyer, Elizabeth
Phone: 206-898-4549

Fee: $75/hour

Short Description: I am a licensed counseling psychologist and certified sport consultant, with specialized interests and experience in  working with injury recovery, topics related to women and girls in sport, eating disorders in athletes, leadership, mindfulness, performance enhancement, and team building. I use a strength-based, relational approach to supervision, highlighting your natural strengths while also providing constructive feedback to promote growth. I encourage personal reflection and exploration that increases your understanding of the dynamics between you and your clients, and increasing your cultural competence as a practitioner. I will support you in your process of establishing your own approach and professional identity as an effective and ethical consultant

Mentees need to be able to provide their own consulting opportunities and clients. I am able to meet face-to-face (located in Seattle, WA) or via a HIPPA compliant video-conference platform. Feel free to email me or contact me through my website for more information about the process of setting up a mentorship relationship.

Butcher-Poffley, Lois A.
Assistant Professor, Pearson Hall 118, Department of Kinesiology, Temple University
Phone: (215) 204-1940

Fee: $50/hour

Short Description: Students should have some sort of access to a client base (i.e., internship with a team at their school is probably the best bet) to make the mentorship more relevant and effective. They should have completed at least one sport psychology course, as well, in order for the work to make sense. It is best for them to contact me via e-mail at They will have a reply in under 24 hours.

Carlson, Erika

Fee: $125/hour

Short Description: All potential mentees will be interviewed by me to see if they are a fit for my mentorship. All potential mentees will be required to have at least 2 letters of recommendation (not written to me necessarily) from former faculty members or mentors. Would also require the student has liability insurance.

Cheadle, Carrie

Fee: $95/hour

Short Description: I offer a discounted rate for mentorship so I'm very selective about who I choose to mentor. We would start with an initial meeting to see if we both think it would be a good fit. For the people I work with towards their AASP certification I require some audio and video recordings for specific feedback. I'm available for business mentorship as well as consulting mentorship working towards AASP supervision. Liability insurance is also required and I can help direct you in this process if needed.

Coeshott, Randall
Phone: (925) 284-7506

Fee: $125/hour

Short Description: Students must be able to come to my office in the beginning of mentorship. Potential mentee would need to carry some form of liability insurance, and understand that any mentorship would not count towards hours for licensure as a psychologist.

Coumbe-Lilley, John
Consulting Practice: PO Box 6157, River Forest IL 60305-1900
University Affiliation: University of Illinois at Chicago, Department of Kinesiology & Nutrition
901 W. Roosevelt Road, MC 194. Chicago, IL 60608
Phone: 312-320-3501

Fee: $99/hour. Pro-rated in 15-minute periods, discount available upon request.

Short Description: Mentorship Approach: Focused on you achieving your outcomes using an applied review process based on experiential learning approaches. Working with you confidentially and creating a space for you to process your experience explicitly and safely to achieve your desired outcomes.

Experience to share: 16 years of work and applied research experiences the USA, UK and Canada in three domains, 1) coaches, athletes, organizations from recreation to Olympic levels of sport competition, 2) health, exercise and rehabilitation settings with patients, medical and administrative professionals in small, medium, enterprise organizations, and 3) miscellaneous groups including ROTC, NGB's and dog handlers. I can provide practical guidance on what to prepare to gain full time employment or start your consulting practice. Taught entrepreneurship and provided business development support for four years. Helped launch two student businesses in 2012-13 and provided support to four organizations in Chicago 2011-12.

Communication Methods: Face-to-face for the first and last meeting; Skype/Facetime; Blackboard Collaborate or by phone. Please note: experience taught me conversing by text and email about complex learning is not a strong choice. Good for setting up meetings but not for processing and achieving goals.

Duration of Relationship: Minimum 6 hours of 40 hour requirement up to full 40 hours

Gapin, Jennifer
Sport Psychology Consultant, Victory Program at McCallum Place
Phone: (314) 968-1900
Email: jgapin@

Fee: $50/hour

Short Description: Students should have some sort of access to a client base (i.e.,Team, individual athletes, individual exercisers) to make the mentorship more relevant and effective. They should have completed at least one sport psychology course at the graduate level. It is best for them to contact me via e-mail at Mentorship is typically offered on a bi-weekly basis via phone, skype, or in-person meetings.

Gardner, Doug
ThinkSport Consulting Services
Phone: (925) 284-7506

Fee: NA

Short Description: I do not have an internship opportunity. Students should already have an internship opportunity but not have started it before we have agreed to begin working together. Students can contact me with any questions via email or by phone.

Gillham, Andrew
Owner of Ludus Consulting, LLC 
Phone: (605) 261-5935

Fee: $50/hour

Short Description: Mentee is expected to have his/her own clients. Scheduled meeting times are highly flexible and virtual sessions are welcome. The majority of my clients are coaches and athletic administrators so if you are working with those populations, I may be able to provide more insights.

Heil, John
Psychological Health, 2727 Electric Rd., Suite 100, Roanoke, VA 24018
Phone-Office: (540) 772-5140; Phone-Direct: (540) 772-5147; Fax-Office: (540) 772-5157

Fee: Negotiable

Short Description: Mentorship, fees, and structure of the internship are flexible and negotiable. I have worked with individuals with a wide variety of backgrounds. Both sport and other high performance consulting (I work extensively with police departments) are options. For those working in town, clients could be provided.

Herzog, Tim
Phone: (406) 587-3404

Fee: $100/hour (sliding scale possible)

Short Description: This opportunity is for mentorship, not an internship. Mentees (Students or professionals) have their own clients and I sometimes help with brainstorming or networking for marketing purposes. Mentees need to keep good records and work in line with AASP Guidelines. Please note that I am currently moving practice from Montana to Annapolis, MD.

Lerner, Bart
Phone: (602) 418-0069 (mobile)

Fee: $50/hour

Short Description: This is a mentorship opportunity. Students must have their own client base. I can meet face-to-face and/or by email, phone, or Skype. Discussions would center around case management, ethical dilemmas, and theoretical orientations in order to provide the appropriate performance enhancement techniques and skills.

Lesyk, Jack
Director, Ohio Center for Sport Psychology
Phone: (216) 575-6175

Fee: $100/session

Short Description: I provide a mentorship experience for students and professionals in my office and via phone and Skype for those who are at a distance from my location. Mentees need to provide their own clients. My professional work is mostly with individual athletes from over thirty different sports. My strengths are in conducting and teaching how to establish rapport, do a mental skills assessment, using interview and questionnaires, developing an intervention plan, implementing the plan, and periodic reassessment and adjustment of the plan. I teach specific mental skill techniques for relaxation under pressure, attention focusing, goal setting, etc. I also provide guidance in developing and marketing a successful sport psychology practice.

Lodato, Vincent
Phone: (813) 997-1931

Fee: $50/hour

Short Description: I have a combined clinical background and Sport background. I work as a consultant to a Major League baseball team, as well as collegiate, high school, and club level sports. I also work at a performance center in Tampa and a baseball/softball academy in Clearwater Florida. Students in the Tampa Bay area needing practicum experience can get experience at these two settings. I will assist with remote supervision if the student has an internship set up and does not need a placement by reviewing case notes, recordings, video tape, and by phone and e-mail to meet the supervision requirements.

Peters, Heather

Fee: $120/hour

Short Description: Students must provide their own client base. Two letters of recommendation from current or former faculty or clinical supervisors are required. During an initial phone conversation we will discuss the potential mentorship arrangement and decide if it is a good fit for both parties. Our first official mentorship session will occur in person. Follow up sessions may occur via Skype/Google Hangout. I will review some sessions in person or via audio or video. Students must have liability insurance. Further, it is understood that mentorship hours do not count towards hours for licensure as a psychologist.

Rhodius, Alison

Fee: $100/hour

Short Description: A contract would need to be signed. This details liability insurance and requirements of providing examples of video/audio work, etc.

Roberts, Lindsay

Fee: $50/hour

Short Description: The individual will looking for mentorship will need to find their own athlete/team. I would be happy to assist in developing a relationship with or finding a team. I am willing to work with individuals via email, Skype, or phone if face-to-face is not available. If interested, please email me at for further information about the mentorship process.

Scherzer, Carrie
Phone: (403) 440-7098

Short Description: I do not have a formal internship program or clients "at the ready," but am happy to work with students or professionals in the Calgary area who have their own client base; I may also able to help facilitate finding an applied opportunity in the local area. I am also able to provide long-distance consultation, but only after an initial in-person meeting to assess goodness of fit.

Simpson, Duncan
Assistant Professor, 11300 NE Second Avenue, Miami Shore, FL, 33161

Fee: Negotiable

Short Description: I can provide mentorship via phone/skype or face-to-face (Miami, FL area). All mentees are expected to have/seek out their own client base. CC-AASP requirements and AASP ethical guidelines will be followed.

Tashman, Lauren S.
Phone: (561) 676-1836

Fee: $50/hr (student/masters); $100/hr (professional)

Short Description:  I provide CC-AASP mentoring via phone/Skype or in-person. Individuals need to have already taken at least one graduate applied sport psychology course and have access to their own client base. I have a wide variety of applied practice experience (e.g., youth sport, collegiate athletics, national team, many different sports, exercise, non-sport performance, individual and team consulting, psych of coaching and injury, leadership program development, etc.) therefore I am able to work with individuals who have opportunities with a wide variety of clients. We would start with an initial meeting to discuss my approach and expectations as well as your background and goals.  If we both think it will be a good fit, we would then outline the mentoring process we will take. This will be determined by many factors including your level of applied experience.  Individuals must be able to provide some video recording to enable me to give direct feedback. 

Thompson, Melissa
Phone: (601) 266-6999

Fee: $75/hour (sliding scale)

Short Description: Passion for quality delivery of sport psychology services is my primary reason for engaging in mentoring. My wide range of applied consulting experiences (e.g. coach development, groups, individual, exercise, musical performance, etc.) allows me to work with a diverse group of mentees. However, I believe learning environments should be mutually engaging. After some discussion about needs and timeline, we can determine if a mentor-mentee relationship is appropriate. (Modes of supervision: face-to-face; skype; group)

Torgerson, Lena
Phone: (650) 513-1947

Short Description: We can work together to cover the mentorship requirement. The mentees should have access to a client base. Lets talk to workout a plan that fits your need. All questions are welcomed. Once we agree, we will sign a contact and begin the work. Your consideration is appreciated.

Voelker, Dana
Phone: (412) 977-7836

Fee: For professionals $100/mentorship meeting, For students $80/mentorship meeting

Short Description: This opportunity is structured to include direct observation and feedback as well as in depth discussion of client cases (e.g., client-consultant relationship, assessment, intervention), professional skills (e.g., developing a consulting philosophy), professional development (e.g., continuing education opportunities), ethics (e.g., learning, building, maintaining, and reinforcing ethical practice), and other topics germane to the mentee's development as a consultant. Mentees must have their own clients. If in person mentorship meetings are not feasible, meetings are conducted via Skype. Email and phone may also be utilized.

Vosloo, Justine
Phone: (607) 274-5190
Email: or

Fee: $100/hour (sliding scale possible)

Short Description: This is a mentorship opportunity. Students or professionals must have their own client base. Skype, phone or email meetings available. Must have your own professional liability insurance. Mentee must be willing to provide video recordings to enable direct mentoring and feedback. I have a wide range of practice experience (sport, exercise and performance, at varying age and experience levels). CC-AASP requirements and AASP ethical guidelines will be followed.

Waksman, Elliott
Phone: (503) 309-7215

Fee: $60 per hour (sliding scale)

Short description:  We would start with an initial phone conversation to see if we both think it would be a good fit. I would work with students via email/phone/Skype, if face-to-face meetings are not an option. Students must have to have their own clients and liability insurance. Your consideration is appreciated.

Weinberg, Bob

Fee: $100/hour

Short Description: This opportunity is for mentorship, not an internship. Students would have to have their own clients. I would work with students via e-mail/phone/SKYPE if face-to-face was not feasible (students would supply consulting information according to AASP guidelines and we would discuss individual cases, ethics, interventions, etc. periodically).

Wierzba, Jill

Fee: $50/hour

Short Description: This is an informal internship placement. The individual seeking mentorship will need their own athletes/performers to work with, although I would be happy to help establish a relationship with a team or group. Please contact me by email if you are seeking mentorship and/or collaborative work at

Zito, Michael
Phone: (908) 403-8473

Short Description: Mentees will need to have access to their own clients and will be asked to sign a mentorship contract. Fees will be determined on a case by case basis reflecting both my extensive experience as a Clinical and Sport Psychologist as well as the financial realities of being a student. Mentees will be expected to adhere to AASP ethical and intervention guidelines. My preference is to meet prospective mentees face to face initially (perhaps at an AASP conference) and if appropriate remote sessions can be considered. If remote sessions are appropriate, select audio or videos of the mentees work will be needed.

If you are a CC-AASP and would like to have your contact information added to this list, please forward the appropriate information in the format above to

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