New updates will be coming soon as certification changes are discussed and approved by the Interim Certification Council. 

For the latest updates, please visit the Certification Program Updates page.

CC-AASP Application Forms:‚Äč

  • Provisional-to-Fullfor provisional candidates who have completed the additional 300-hour mentored experience (please see steps to becoming provisionally certified here for more information)
  • Recertificationfor current CC-AASP members


This is an updated log form on which applicants must record their experience and hours. The new form will calculate total hours as they are entered, making it far more user-friendly. This form takes effect immediately (6/1/17), meaning that all experience and hours must be shown on the new form when applying for AASP Certification beginning October 1, 2017. Applicants who submit past versions of the experiential log forms will be required to update the information prior to their application being considered.


CC-AASP Status Forms:

For more information regarding CC-AASP categories and reinstating/reactivating/changing your CC-AASP status, please click here.

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