You Did the Work, Now Get to Work: How to Successfully Market Your Business to Get Clients in Your Door

Carrie Cheadle, www.carriecheadle.com, USA
Erika Carlson, Excellence In Sport Performance, USA

Theme: Consulting/private practice

Program ID: WKSP-16

Presentation: October 3, 2013 11:30 am - 12:30 pm

Room: Melrose


You can’t be a competent practitioner in the field of sport psychology and mental skills coaching if you don’t have clients. The field of sport psychology is beginning to recognize the need for supporting practitioners in developing their business skills (Blann, F.W., et al, 2011). There are many people, both qualified and unqualified, that work with athletes on the psychology of sport. It isn’t always the consultant or coach that is the most qualified that gets to work with the athlete, it’s the one with the best marketing skills. Part of being adept with your applied work means you need to be adept at building a successful business. This workshop will be facilitated by two successful practitioners who will share the marketing strategies they have used to build their own thriving businesses. Developing expertise takes years of deliberate practice (Ericcson, K.A., et al, 1993). You have taken the time to develop your expertise in the application of sport psychology and this workshop will help you to build your expertise in marketing your business. In this workshop you will learn the best practices for marketing your services including how to use analytics to inform your marketing decisions, how to employ the 80/20 principle for efficiency with your marketing strategies, and the best uses of social media for marketing your business. You will work on your own deliberate practice of marketing, set your own marketing goals, and walk away with a yearly marketing plan as well as a list of best marketing resources for your continued education.

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