Working with the Elite Competitive Amateur Cyclist

Carrie Cheadle, Private Consulting Practice, USA

Theme: Mental training/interventions

Program ID: SYM-28

Presentation: October 5, 2013 2:45 pm - 3:45 pm

Room: Oak Alley


Cycling has seen notable growth over the past two decades and certain areas of the country have been described as experiencing a cycling renaissance (Pucher, Buehler, & Seinen, 2010). Several major U.S. cities have made a significant investment to develop more bike-friendly infrastructure and many of those cities have also created bike-share programs to promote exercise and commuting by bike. The sport of cycling has also seen tremendous growth in its fan base as well as growth in the offerings of cycling related events in the U.S. All of these factors have contributed to an increasing number of people selecting cycling as their chosen form of exercise. A percentage of those people have joined a growing population of athletes that have chosen to race their bikes competitively. Throughout the adult lifespan, people choose to participate in physical activity because it is in line with their goals and personal values (Brunet & Sabiston, 2010). For this portion of the symposium the presenter will discuss her work with competitive amateur cyclists including the motivations and challenges faced by this unique population of athletes. The presentation will cover some of the issues faced by this specific population including: differing motivations between “training to race” and “racing to train”, the challenges of balancing life and sport, dealing with the risks inherent in cycling including crashing and injury, reconciling desired outcomes with required sacrifices and commitment, and team issues.

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