Women Mixed Martial Artists’ Personality Traits, Aggression, and Self-Perceived Wellness

Michele Kerulis, Adler School of Professional Psychology, USA

Theme: Exercise and health behaviors

Program ID: SYM-20

Presentation: October 4, 2013 11:30 am - 12:30 pm

Room: Elmwood


Beginning in childhood, young martial artists are taught to respect others and appreciate physical capabilities (Lantz, 2002; Twemlow, Briggs, Nelson, Vanberg, Fonagy, & Twemlow, 2008), however, gender stereotypes can discourage female participation in traditionally male sports. Some women reject gender stereotypes and excel in traditionally male sports. Women of all ages can benefit from engaging in regular exercise and should be encouraged to try a variety of physical activities. Women’s wellness is a matter of mindfulness and involves a commitment to mental and physical health. This IRB-approved study examined personality characteristics, aggression, and self-perceived wellness in mixed martial artists (MMA). Women mixed martial artists who participated in this study helped provide information about how consultants can work with people to create goals and balanced lifestyles. The mind-body connection of martial arts will be discussed and attendees will learn how to talk with clients about wellness-based goals.

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