Will They Remember Tomorrow?: Using Debriefing and Reflection

Abby Rhodes, Florida State University, USA
Robyn Braun, Florida State University, USA
Jodiann Yambor, Thomas University, USA
Melissa Murray, The University of Southern Mississippi, USA

Theme: Life skills/learning strategies (includes coping)

Program ID: WKSP-02

Presentation: October 2, 2013 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Room: Magnolia


For more than 100 years educators, facilitators, and other practitioners have promoted debriefing to help with learning (Dewey, 1938; Gass, 1993; Nadler & Luckner, 1992; Sugarman, Doherty, Garvey, & Gass, 2000). Debriefing is referred to as processing, reviewing, and reflecting, and is quite possibly the most important aspect of sport psychology service delivery. Engaging in debriefing helps learners make connections between their educational experiences, real life, and future learning (Kolb, 1984). More specifically, the skills acquired and lessons learned in experiential activities can further knowledge in one’s sport, classes, and personal life. Sport Psychology Consultants (SPCs) often use activities to introduce and/or enhance the learning of a specific mental skill and therefore debriefing is essential. While researchers have demonstrated the value of debriefing, (Dewey, 1938; Holmes, 1976; Sugarman et al., 2000). SPCs frequently neglect, discount, or simply lack the knowledge to successfully conduct this process. Therefore, the objective of this workshop is twofold: (1) to introduce participants to theories of debriefing, and (2) to offer strategies and techniques to promote lifelong learning for physical and mental well-being through debriefing and reflection. Specifically, attendees will participate in an experiential activity where we will model debriefing using Thiagi’s Six Phases of Debriefing as well as the three and five question models of debriefing. Next, participants will be placed in small groups and asked to create a “debrief” for a given scenario. Participants will then present their ideas to the entire group and have the opportunity to receive feedback. Finally, we will discuss debriefing tips and practices that enhance reflection relative to life skills and future learning. All attendees will receive a handout with information on how to help promote lifelong learning through debriefing and reflection.

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