Towards Cultural Praxis of Athletes’ Careers

Natalia Stambulova, Halmstad University, Sweden
Tatiana Ryba, Aarhus University, Denmark

Theme: Social and cultural diversity

Program ID: WKSP-13

Presentation: October 2, 2013 3:30 pm - 4:45 pm

Room: Magnolia


The objectives of this workshop are: (1) introduce a cultural praxis of athletes’ careers framework (CPAC) created by the workshop leaders based on the analysis of career research and practice in 19 countries (Author & Author, 2013); (2) discuss a link between the CPAC and the scientist-practitioner model; (3) practice an implementation of the CPAC in mock cases. The CPAC is articulated as a set of challenges for career researchers/practitioners to approach career theories, research and assistance as cultural praxis. Some specific conceptual and applied challenges include: (a) a merge of the holistic lifespan and holistic ecological perspectives in career research and assistance, (b) reflexive situatedness of career projects in relevant sociocultural contexts, (c) an idiosyncratic approach with specific attention to diversity in career patterns/trajectories (d) an increased attention to transnationalism in contemporary sporting culture, (e) multicultural and transnational consulting including international networks of existing Career Assistance Programs, and (f) participatory action research facilitating close collaboration between researchers, practitioners, and athlete-participants. Reflective of the learning objectives, the workshop will be divided into three parts. After introducing the CPAC, workshop participants will work in small groups analyzing case examples relevant to athletes’ early careers, elite careers, cultural transitions, and athletic retirement in different sociocultural contexts. To facilitate critical thinking about bridging the gaps in theory, research, and practice—all infused by specificity of sociocultural contexts—a general discussion will follow on a combination of the scientist-practitioner model and the CPAC. The participants will receive case examples of athletes’ careers in different sociocultural contexts and the handout summarizing the CPAC.

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