The Young, the Old, and the Restless: Working with Age Group Cyclists

Kristen Dieffenbach, West Virginia University, USA

Theme: Mental training/interventions

Program ID: SYM-28

Presentation: October 5, 2013 2:45 pm - 3:45 pm

Room: Oak Alley


Few sports provide the opportunity for true lifetime engagement. Amateur clubs work together for individual and team success at the local and national level competitions while other athletes participate ‘unattached’ with an emphasis on individual pursuits. Junior (10 to 17 years old), Espoir (18-23), senior (18+) and masters (35+) athletes all train with a focus and intensity that is often only associated with professional sport. For the SPC, developing an understanding of this unique culture will assist in gaining entry, building rapport, and establishing an effective consulting relationship. An overview the disciplines and key terminology will be discussed along with a review of relevant talent development theories, discipline specific concerns, and the consulting and psychological skills training literature related to consulting within this population. The presentation will focus on how knowledge of the culture and relevant theories have been used in sport psychology consulting with junior and master level athletes, amateur teams, and their coaches for enhancing participation, improving team dynamics and pursuing peak performance.

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