The Sport Psychologist and Chaplain: Reflections on a Season-Long Collaboration in Professional Sport

Brian Hemmings, Private Practice/St. Mary’s University College, United Kingdom

Theme: Consulting/private practice

Poster Number: 96

Program ID: POS-2

Presentation: October 4, 2013 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm

Room: Napoleon


The concept of spirituality in sport psychology research and practice has been argued to be more widely considered (Watson & Nesti, 2005). Sport psychology consultants work with athletes, coaches and support staff who hold differing beliefs about their sport and lives. Recent research has explored the roles, functions and working relationships between sport chaplains and sport psychologists engaged by professional sport teams (Hill, Gamble & Parker, in press). This lecture aims to further investigate potential synergy between sport psychologists and chaplains through reflections on a season-long working collaboration in a professional cricket team in the UK. Areas of reflection will include the rapport building phase, maintaining communication, developing trust, the nature of distinct and overlapping roles, and player and coach engagement and feedback. The lecture will also suggest best practice guidelines for building and maintaining closer working relationships with chaplains to provide another resource for player and coach support.

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