The Sport Psych Team: Implementing Brief Interventions with Endurance Runners

Cindra Kamphoff, Minnesota State University/The Runner's Edge, USA

Theme: Mental training/interventions

Program ID: SYM-21

Presentation: October 5, 2013 8:15 am - 9:30 am

Room: Oak Alley


Both the marathon and half-marathon are growing in popularity in the U.S. and around the world (Gerweck, 2010; Lamppa, 2011). This growth provides an opportunity for certified consultants to work with marathoners and half-marathoners. In order to provide outreach in our local community as well as to help runners reach their potential, the Sport Psych Team was designed two years ago. At our local marathon, members of the team provide runners with brief interventions the day before the race at the marathon Expo, at the start of the race, and during the race as “Psychs on Bikes.” The Sport Psych Team is sponsored by a local community business which funds over 40 motivational signs along the half marathon and marathon courses to keep runners motivated. In addition, an AASP Community Outreach Grant was received to help fund the intervention the first year. The Sport Psych Team provides opportunities for students and others to gain certification hours and was designed based on the Psyching Team in Toronto. The brief interventions provided to runners are based on literature on how to conduct brief interventions (Giges & Petitpas, 2000) and research on the psychology of running. More specifically, research studies related to mental toughness in marathoning (Jaeschke & Sachs, 2012; Crust & Clough, 2005, Kamphoff, 2013) and mental strategies in running (Masters & Ogles, 1998; Kamphoff, Harris & Armentrout, 2012) guide the community intervention. The presenter will discuss the research that guides the Sport Psych Team to provide a framework for sport psychology consultants who currently work or would like to work with endurance athletes. Advice on how to seek a community sponsor and apply for an AASP Community Outreach Grant, as well as guidelines for sport psychology consultants who are interested in designing a similar community intervention will also be discussed.

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