Sport Psychology preparations for the Olympics: How to help athletes maintain balance and well-being in a high pressure environment

Frank Abrahamsen, Norwegian Olympic Center, Norway
Anne Marte Pensgaard, Norwegian Olympic Training Centre, Norway
Elsa Kristiansen, Norwegian School of Sport Sciences, Norway
Pierre-Nicolas Lemyre, Norwegian Research Center for Training and Performance in Youth Sports, Norges Idrettshogskole, Norway

Theme: Elite performance

Program ID: SYM-04

Presentation: October 3, 2013 8:15 am - 9:30 am

Room: Belle Chasse


Balance in life is equally important for elite athletes, as it is for the general population. However, athletes might have a lot more difficulties maintaining this balance, because of time constraints due to competitions, practice and travel. In order to help elite athletes’ well-being, applied consultants should acknowledge their difficulties by facilitating the competitive environment and helping them overcome any life imbalance. In this symposium we will emphasize how one can support athletes before, during and after major events such as the Olympics and give examples with Olympic medal winners. Elsa Kristiansen’s talk will discuss the experiences from the Youth Olympic Games and how one can help these young athletes cope with the total stress during these games and give some advice in how one may improve this work. Frank Abrahamsen will speak about how elite athletes may find a balance in life, work and sports preparations for the OG when they are not fully paid, needing of an income on the side. Nicolas Lemyre will talk about mental skills periodization with one elite ahtlete during a four year period, preparing for the Sochi Olympic Games as part of a sport team. Finally, Anne Marte Pensgaard will discuss the presence of family members during OG in order to facilitate the performance of the national handball team, balancing the need for loved ones with possible external distractions. Professor Glyn Roberts will act as a discussant.

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