Sport injury rehabilitation as a performance: An alternative perspective

Megan Granquist, University of La Verne, USA

Theme: Injury/trauma/rehabilitation

Program ID: SYM-06

Presentation: October 3, 2013 8:15 am - 9:30 am

Room: Oak Alley


Literature suggests that for successful rehabilitation, an athlete’s attitude and affect are foundational (Pargman, 2007; Clement, Granquist & Arvinen-Barrow, in press), and having negative views about the injury may significantly hinder the rehabilitation process and outcomes. Therefore it may be helpful for athletes and members of the sport medicine team (e.g., rehabilitation professionals, sport psychology professionals, etc.) to view sport injury rehabilitation from a performance point of view (rather than from an injury/illness perspective). This positive performance perspective sets the tone for athletes to approach rehabilitation with the same dedication and intensity with which they would approach athletic conditioning, sport practice, and competition. This presentation will adopt a theoretical stance in which sport injury rehabilitation will be likened to athletic performance; the athlete will perform in rehabilitation much like they have performed on the field. By viewing injury rehabilitation as an athletic performance, athletes may be more inclined to utilize psychosocial strategies (e.g., goal setting, imagery, self-talk, etc.) that they know from the sport performance enhancement setting within in the rehabilitation context. Conversely, this performance view also provides athletes the opportunity to learn and practice new psychological skills and strategies that they can subsequently apply to their sport performance upon return to participation. Viewing the rehabilitation process as an extension of sporting performance, rather than unnecessary time away from sport, may help athletes maintain their motivation throughout rehabilitation, thus enhancing their rehabilitation adherence and overall rehabilitation outcomes.

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