Signature Sport Psychology Techniques that Link Theory & Practice

John Heil, Psychological Health Roanoke, USA
Eric Bean, CSF2, USA
Taryn Morgan, IMG Academy, USA
Chris Harwood, Loughborough University, United Kingdom

Theme: Mental training/interventions

Program ID: SYM-14

Presentation: October 3, 2013 2:30 pm - 3:45 pm

Room: Napoleon


In our professional practice as sport psychology consultants, we use a variety of techniques and activities to help clients integrate mental skills into physical practice. Each year at the AASP Conference, individuals attend multiple presentations to build on the repertoire of strategies they use when working with clients. While many innovative ideas are presented, the theoretical foundations from which they are derived are not always acknowledged. This has become a critical issue within the organization because it increases the likelihood of our practice seeming like a “bag of tricks” or gimmicks. The purpose of this annual symposium, sponsored by the Performance Psychology Committee, is to bridge the gap between theory and practice and to provide the audience with several mental training techniques in one session. Specifically, four experienced consultants, representing the academic, elite sport and even medical domain, will present one of their signature sport psychology techniques. An overview of the theoretical basis from which it emerged will be discussed and the technique will be demonstrated. The first presenter presents from an Olympic perspective, utilizing a scientific approach to a team building program. The second presenter discusses the impact of using sport psychology techniques with the cognitive load demands of surgical residents. The third presenter discusses the use of a confidence model applied to junior athletes through to Olympians. The final presentation looks at enhancing rational thinking and personal identity in youth sports to enhance performance.

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