Sex and Sexuality Issues in Training and Practice of Applied Sport Psychology

Mitch Abrams, Learned Excellence for Athletes, USA
Judy Van Raalte, Springfield College, USA
Stiliani Chroni, Hedmark University College, Norway
Donna Duffy, UNCG, USA
Ed Etzel, West Virginia University, USA
Marita Padilla, Midwestern University, USA

Theme: Professional issues and ethics (AASP-related)

Program ID: SYM-13

Presentation: October 3, 2013 2:30 pm - 3:45 pm

Room: Elmwood


Although a wide range of topics from health and exercise to life skills development have received attention from sport psychologists in recent years, discussion of issues of sexuality and sexual conduct have been widely overlooked. The purpose of this symposium is to serve as forum in which a range of topics related to sex and to sexuality in applied sport psychology can be discussed. The symposium will begin with a presentation exploring the veracity of several ideas related to sex and sport performance such as the idea that abstaining from sex prior to athletic competition increases testosterone levels. Next, students’ attitudes toward sexual harassment behaviors will be presented. Implications of the results of this study for sport psychology professionals will be discussed. The next speaker will discuss issues related to sexual violence, in particular, high school coaches’ use of sexually violent language and the effectiveness of interventions designed to eliminate sexually violent language in coaching contexts. This presentation will be followed by a discussion of transferential issues that can arise during sport psychology service delivery and supervision. The last speaker will address ethical guidelines and sport psychology specific examples related most strongly related to sexual issues. The symposium will conclude with a discussant followed by an open question period to encourage audience involvement in addressing important and challenging issues related to this topic.

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