Power of the Pack: A Collaborative Approach to Creating a Performance-Enhancement Consulting Group

Kelly Madden, Boston University, USA
Vanessa LoVerme Akhtar, Boston University, USA
Frederick Ettl, Boston University, USA
Frank D Perry, Boston University, USA
David Hurley, Stonehill College, USA

Theme: Consulting/private practice

Poster Number: 15

Program ID: POS-1

Presentation: October 3, 2013 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm

Room: Napoleon


This poster will describe the formation and function of a team of diverse graduate students who have collaborated to form a community of practice (Gilbert, Gallimore, & Trudel, 2009), to engage in peer mentoring (Watson, Clement, Blom, & Grindley, 2009), and to initiate professional business development post-graduation (Todd, Anderson, & Marchant, 2011) as applied consultants. The format of the poster will give attention to the following four areas: why we came together, what we do and how we do it, our challenges, and our future vision. Our model relies on leveraging the complementary strengths gained from varied fields of study, including sport psychology, neuroscience, coaching, and education. In practice, our performance enhancement techniques and skills are empirically-based and theoretically grounded. By establishing this working group, we are attempting to create ethical accountability (Pope & Vasquez, 2011), generate a sharing of knowledge, gain feedback from colleagues, and reflect on our work (Cassidy, Potrac, & McKenzie, 2006), all while growing and developing professionally. In addition, this group has played a critical role in the self-care and psychological well-being of its members. The poster will outline several of the lessons learned, and strategies to consider in the future when putting together a collaborative, diverse working group within the field of applied sport psychology.

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