Nurturing Youth Athlete Development: Training Parents to Develop Effective, Healthy Goals

Darcy Strouse, BelieveinMe Sports, LLC, USA

Theme: Youth sport

Program ID: LEC-03A

Presentation: October 2, 2013 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Room: Oak Alley


Parents can play an important role – both positive and negative – in youth participation and achievement in sport (Gould, Lauer, Rolo, Jannes, & Sie-Pennisi, 2006; Horn & Horn, 2007). And, this role may affect the impact of the youth sport experience on lifelong development, both mentally and physically (Brustad & Partridge, 2002; Frederick & Eccles, 2003). One area that parents can help develop is the motivational climate for the athlete (Duda & Treasure, 2006; O’Rourke, Smith, Smoll, & Cumming, 2012). Goal setting can be a key component of the motivational climate; however, to promote healthy mental and physical development inside and outside the sports arena, the goals must be realistic and developmentally appropriate. The purpose of this presentation is to share the experiences of delivering goal setting training to parents in a workshop setting. The “parental support” workshop was designed to enhance the type of motivational support, both short term and long term that parents of youth distance runners provide to their athletes. Parents were provided with didactic and interactive training materials on sport-specific and developmentally appropriate goal setting. In addition to the discussion of workshop methods, facilitators, and barriers, a key focus of the presentation will be the discussion of issues and implications concerned with delivering goal setting techniques to parents, including the role of the parent in providing a healthy motivational setting for the youth athlete and the development of overall, long-term well-being.

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