Leadership in AASP: An Early Career Professional’s Perspective

Cindra Kamphoff, Minnesota State University/The Runner's Edge, USA

Theme: Professional development and mentoring

Program ID: SYM-02

Presentation: October 2, 2013 3:30 pm - 4:45 pm

Room: Belle Chasse


Early Career Professionals (ECPs) have numerous demands on their time. In an academic position, for example, ECPs may feel the pressures of getting tenure and the need to conduct and publish research. In private practice, ECPs may feel the pressures of marketing, growing their services, and generating a profit. Given these demands, the possibility of serving on the AASP Executive Board may be an unlikely thought for an ECP. As an ECP on the Executive Board, the presenter will discuss the leadership opportunities within AASP and her perspective as an ECP on the Executive Board. The presenter will discuss her personal reasons for running for the Executive Board position, and how she continues to stay motivated in her position despite other demands on her time (i.e., a full-time academic position, consulting, family, etc.). She will also discuss her career aspirations and how the position on the Executive Board fits with those aspirations in order for other ECPs to see a similar connection. Advice for other ECPs will be provided, including how to ensure you are the most prepared for an Executive Board position and the benefits of serving on the Executive Board.

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