Leadership in AASP: A Student’s Perspective

Leeja Carter, Adler School of Professional Psychology, USA

Theme: Professional development and mentoring

Program ID: SYM-02

Presentation: October 2, 2013 3:30 pm - 4:45 pm

Room: Belle Chasse


Graduate school is rigorous and rewarding. As graduate students managing the demands of course work, internships and practica, research assistantships, working, and personal obligations to family and friends, graduate school can take on a life of its own. Due to the many responsibilities graduate students have, thinking about serving in a leadership position within AASP is often overlooked. As a student member of AASP and current student representative on the Executive Board, the presenter will address leadership opportunities as a student and perspectives for students in AASP. The presenter will discuss why she decided to devote time and energy to a leadership position in AASP (particularly given her role as a graduate student and instructor), and her aspirations and goals within leadership, academia, and exercise and sport psychology. Advice will be offered for other graduate students concerning steps they can take to get into various leadership positions as a student within AASP and in other professional areas of exercise and sport psychology.

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