Implementing Systematic Coaching Development (CD) Programs: Diverse Perspectives on Making CD Work

Damon Burton, University of Idaho, USA
Andy Gillham, University of South Dakota College, USA
Keith Hansen, Red Deer College, Canada
Jon Hammermeister, Eastern Washington University, USA
Seth Haselhuhn, Washington State University, USA

Theme: Coaching/leadership

Program ID: WKSP-30

Presentation: October 5, 2013 8:15 am - 9:30 am

Room: Belle Chasse


Coach development (CD; Gillham & Burton, in press) provides a great entry strategy for sport psychology consultants, and most team consulting requires some CD as part of program implementation. However, beyond techniques and tactics, minimal systematic CD occurs at any level of sport. The objectives of this consultant CD workshop are fourfold. First, an overview of a recently developed CD instrument, the Coaching Success Questionnaire-2, will be provided. The CSQ-2 in a 40-item, 10 subscale measure of 10 characteristics of successful coaches including: attitudes about winning, winning, enjoyment, skills and strategy development, physical development, wellness, confidence development, emotional control, sportsmanship and teamwork. Systematically developed across three studies, the CSQ-2 demonstrates strong psychometric properties, including CFA fit indices. Second, a typical case study describing how the CSQ-2 can be used in CD will be presented, focusing on yearly rating of coaches by their athletes, similar to student evaluation of teachers, with results used to identify coaches’ strengths and weaknesses. Coaches can then work with a consultant to systematically enhancing 2-3 target skills each year. Development of a “community of learners” can be created to promote CD. Third, a collegiate coach, AD and consultant and a professional team consultant will briefly describe the CD strategies they currently use and provide perspectives on the role the CSQ-2 might play their CD work. Finally, “breakout” groups to provide hands-on CD experiences. Each presenter will lead group discussion on four CD issues, including: (a) developing entry strategies for working with coaches and/or administrators, (b) partnering with coaches to identify specific CD target variables, (c) selecting materials to inform development of targeted skills, and (d) provide social support and feedback through a “community of learners.” Group discussion will summarize potential benefits, problems and future directions of CD.

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