Evidence Driving Practice: Emerging Role of the Sport Psychology Professional in Sport-related Concussion

Anthony Kontos, University of Pittsburgh, USA
R.J. Elbin, University of Arkansas, USA
Adam ONeil, Pinnacle Performance Center, USA

Theme: Injury/trauma/rehabilitation

Program ID: SYM-18

Presentation: October 4, 2013 11:30 am - 12:30 pm

Room: Oak Alley


The purpose of this symposium is to provide a critical examination of emerging issues in sport-related concussion with a focus on the growing role of the sport psychology professional in working with athletes with this injury. The symposium will include three presentations that incorporate emerging empirical data, newly developed clinical tools, and case reports. In the first presentation we will examine evidence for evolving risk and prognostic factors of outcomes following concussion including on-field and sub-acute signs/symptoms and cognitive impairment, post-traumatic migraine, ADHD/LD, and other factors. In the second presentation we will examine new empirical data from a meta-analysis including 37 research studies on computerized neurocognitive testing, and preliminary data for over 100 athletes with concussion using a newly developed vestibular ocular examination. In the third presentation we will explore interventions for performance-related (e.g., return to play, fear of re-injury, coping/social support) and clinical (e.g., anxiety/PTSD, depression, conversion disorders) issues affecting athletes following concussion. The symposium will conclude with a brief panel discussion of expanding opportunities in concussion for the sport psychology professional including work with the military, youth sports, and medical clinics. At the conclusion of the symposium we will respond to questions from the audience.

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