CC-AASP Consultants: Where Are They Now and Where Are They Needed?

Jerry Holt, Florida A&M University, USA

Theme: Consulting/private practice

Program ID: LEC-02A

Presentation: October 2, 2013 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Room: Melrose


Over 400 Consultants have been certified by AASP, with over 280 now active. However, the distribution of these Consultants is a consideration for investigation. Some geographical areas are heavily supplied with Consultants, while other areas have no Consultants. An examination of the distribution of Consultants reveals that there are six American states with no Consultants. Additionally, there are 38 standard metropolitan areas with populations of more than 500,000 in which there are no Consultants. There are two thrusts to this paper. First, the distribution of Certified Consultants over states and metropolitan areas is explored. The emphasis is on those states and metropolitan areas that are most heavily represented, as well as those that are most sparsely represented, based on populations of the states or metropolitan areas. Second, building on the distribution of Certified Consultants, the practical matter of possible opportunities for employment, especially in the private (i.e., non-academic) sector, is addressed. The delivery of sport psychology services through private practice is a recognized area for both practical recommendation and research (e.g., Blann, Shelley, & Gates, 2011; Greene, 2010; Lesyk & Cheadle, 2013; Taylor, 2008). However, the application of demographic considerations, considering especially large metropolitan areas with no Certified Consultants, is a topic that has hot been explored to any extent. In keeping with the conference theme, Certified Consultants would provide services through which clients could be encouraged to enjoy lifelong physical and mental well-being in those states and metropolitan areas that are underrepresented. Thus, demographic considerations in the distribution of AASP Certified Consultants serve both theoretical and practical purposes.

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