Case Studies for CC-AASP:  Opportunities for Peer Consultation

Sarah L. Castillo, National University, USA
Kristen Dieffenbach, West Virginia University, USA


Program ID: WKSP-26

Presentation: October 5, 2013 8:15 am - 9:30 am

Room: Magnolia


Although there are over 400 AASP Certified Consultants (CCs) representing seven countries, many states and countries are without CCs. Thus, the opportunity for CCs to collaborate with each other on client assessment, intervention development, and overall effectiveness is limited at best. The recent creation of a Certified Consultant email distribution list has helped begin the process of connecting CCs with respect to the dissemination of important consultant events and information, but much more needs to be done to truly create a network of professionals able to engage in peer consultation, particularly when facing challenging practitioner situations. This workshop, open solely to Certified Consultants, is specifically designed to encourage the process of collaboration, networking and peer consulting among professionals. Prior to the 2013 AASP Conference, CCs were solicited for particularly challenging consulting cases via the Certified Consultant email distribution list. All ethical considerations relating to the preservation of client confidentiality were appropriately addressed. Two case studies were selected and, with the submitters’ permission, distributed to all CCs for their review and consideration one month in advance of the 2013 AASP conference workshop. These cases are presented in a workshop format to facilitate a guided dialouge in terms of case conceptualization, challenges, and eventual intervention design. Having reviewed these cases ahead of time, CC attendees will have the opportunity to discuss their own conceptualization and possible intervention strategies for each case presented. Offering this opportunity for CCs to interact on professional practice issues at the annual conference not only serves to enhance AASP’s commitment to Certified Consultants but encourages CCs to build their professional consultation networks, thereby continuing their own development as effective sport psychology consultants.

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