Building a Private Practice: A 21st Century Guide to Equipping Sport Psychology Consultants

Brad Jurica, Mental Training Inc., USA

Theme: Consulting/private practice

Poster Number: 94

Program ID: POS-2

Presentation: October 4, 2013 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm

Room: Napoleon


Recent findings suggest that more graduate programs are adopting an interdisciplinary curriculum in an attempt to better prepare students for applied careers in sport psychology (Aoyagi, et. al., 2012). It’s estimated there are 500 students each year who graduate with a masters or doctoral level degree in sport psychology (Directory of Graduate Programs in Applied Sport Psychology, 2011), but fewer than 25% of them find jobs within academe (Williams & Scherzer, 2003). It’s generally unknown where the rest of the graduates go, but it’s clear there is a shortage of certified sport psychology consultants in the multi-billion dollar sized competitive sports industry. Neff and Weinberg (2008) made specific recommendations for the successful development of an applied sport psychology private practice. The current presentation reinforces and extends many of those principles, taking into consideration recent technological and other breakthroughs. Borrowing from other industries with more mature consulting models (insurance and financial planning), a comprehensive interdisciplinary model is presented for performance enhancement consulting in the 21st Century. Key areas discussed include: (a) Development of a training manual that guides consultants in the use of effective networking, onboarding and retention processes; (b) Use of video conferencing to expand a consultant’s reach; (c ) Automated mobile and online services to lower the cost of consulting and increase passive, recurring revenue streams; (d) Supervision and guidance from experienced full-time applied consultants (e) Providing professional liability insurance coverage, revenue sharing and ongoing education through the use of internet discussion platforms.

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