Balance in Sport, Balance in Consultancy

Gregory Chertok, The Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Center, USA
Adam Naylor, Boston University, USA
Matthew Cuccaro, Junior Sports Corporation, USA

Theme: Life skills/learning strategies (includes coping)

Program ID: SYM-19

Presentation: October 4, 2013 11:30 am - 12:30 pm

Room: Jasperwood


Sport psychology consultants often espouse the importance of athletic “balance” with their clients as a prerequisite for high performance. Time and energy honing physical and mental skills must be followed by rest and recovery in order to sustain motivation and restore physical strength as well as decrease injury risk, exhaustion, mental fatigue and, ultimately, athlete burnout. However, seldom do consultants heed this advice as effectively as they dispense it. In order to maximize the level of client care and intervention success, balance must be met on the consultant’s end. In this symposium, three sport psychology consultants share their experiences navigating their own quest to satisfy their personal work-recovery balance. Each consultant will discuss the opportunities, obstacles, and lessons learned as they strive – and at times fail – to achieve optimal balance. This presentation frames ideas around theoretical concepts including effort constraint, flow, deliberate practice, self-identity, and life/work stress. Case studies will be presented that illustrate the detrimental nature, on both body and mind, of disregarding the relationship between purposeful work and purposeful restoration.

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