Robert Schinke, Past-President

I began with AASP as a student regional representative in 1995, and have been with the organization since. I served as AASP's Ethics Chair. In this role, I led the development of conference presenter guidelines and a new section in the Ethics Code about technology use. Presently, I serve as Division Head of Professional Standards and as an Executive Board Member. In my current capacities, I work with four committees. The Certification Review Committee is presently refining a policy for CC's-AASP with lapsed status. The view of several AASP members is that our reinstatement policy is overly punitive. With the Continuing Education Committee, I have supported the creation of workshop presenter guidelines and a recently proposed free CEU of the Month for members to gain more continuing education opportunities. The Diversity Committee has refined AASP's Cultural Diversity Position Statement and they are working on the Member Profile webpage and proposed course syllabi for diversity courses. The Ethics Committee has assisted with the tidying of terminology pertaining to the word "psychology" in our promotional materials and website. I am a full professor and funded research chair in cultural sport psychology. I have written and co-edited 15 books, 80 peer-reviewed articles, and guest edited the International Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology, Journal of Sport and Social Issues, Journal of Clinical Sport Psychology, and Qualitative Research in Sport, Exercise and Health. My sport experiences include being a former Pan-American Games athlete and present consultant with professional and Olympic organizations spanning 20 years.

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