Joanna Foss, Student Representative

Joanna Foss is a doctoral student in Counseling Psychology with a subspecialty in Sport Psychology at the University of Missouri. Joanna was first exposed to sport psychology through an internship in the Center for Enhanced Performance at West Point during her undergraduate training, and she has been immersed in the field ever since. Joanna is currently in her second year as an AASP Student Delegate. She is Chair of the Graduate Program Fair Initiative and Co-Chair of the Performance Excellence Movement Initiative (PEM). Additionally, she has served as a mentor for the Mentorship Match Program and is a member of the Research Development Committee. Joanna also received the 2014 AASP Student Diversity Award for her work with Latino youth from lower socioeconomic strata. While pursuing her Master’s degree in Sport and Performance Psychology from the University of Denver, Joanna co-designed and implemented a sustainable comprehensive performance psychology program including service provision to all teams, parent and coaching education, and leadership sessions with team captains.

Joanna has sought balance between performance enhancement, counseling, and research throughout her doctoral training. She currently works as a Mental Performance Coach in the University of Missouri Athletic Department, delivering individual and group performance enhancement services to athletes and coaches. Joanna has also increased competency in counseling through practicum experiences in college counseling centers and in research skills through work in her advisor’s research lab. Joanna received her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Marist College, where she competed as a four-year starter on the Volleyball team.

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