Social Psychology Committee

Social psychology focuses on research, theory, and intervention focusing upon individual and group processes in the sport and exercise setting. This area applies social psychological principles in examining factors related to the sport participant, coach, team, and spectator.

The mission of the Social Psychology (SP) Committee is to increase awareness of relevant research, theory, and interventions under the umbrella of social psychology of sport and exercise to AASP members and the general public.  

The SP Committee has two primary responsibilities. First, to assist in conference planning by reviewing  annual conference presentation submissions in the area of social psychology of sport and exercise, recommending annual keynote speakers to the AASP conference program chair, and developing and encouraging conference symposium submissions focusing on cutting edge research in the area. Second to promote scholarship, best practices, and the dissemination of information related to our focus area by reviewing research proposals and making funding recommendations to the executive board as well as supporting the Special Interest Groups’ activities and website development.

The Social Psychology Committee members are:

  • Russell Medbery (Chair)
  • Marta Guivernau
  • Mi-Sook Kim
  • Bruce Klonsky
  • Peggy McCann
  • Mike Grevlos
  • Alan Kornspan
  • Lois Butcher-Poffley
  • Erin Whitney Moore (Student Representative)

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