Performance Psychology Committee

The Performance Psychology Committee focuses on research, theory, and practice intended to improve performance in sport and exercise. This committee is also concerned with the effects of social and psychology interventions on the well–being of participants engaged in these physical activities.


The members of this committee:

  • Assist with the annual AASP conference by selecting individuals to present (such as coaches, athletes and applied practitioners).
  • Review and evaluate conference abstracts.
  • Facilitate the dissemination of information.
  • Support SIG activiites


The Performance Psychology Committee members are:

  • Angus Mugford (Chair)
  • Margaret Ottley
  • Sam Levy
  • Chelsea Butters Wooding (Student Representative)
  • Tim White
  • Jacob Levy
  • Karen Costello
  • Angela Hau
  • Faye Didymus

Special Interest Groups Related to the Performance Psychology Focus Area

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