JSPA Editorial Board

The JSPA Editorial Board edits the online journal, Journal of Sport Psychology in Action, sponsored by the Association. Regular membership fees include receipt of the journal.

The JSPA Editorial Board Members are:


Editorial Assistant:

  • Karen Howells, Loughborough University

Associate Editors:

  • Mary Fry, University of Kansas
  • Wade Gilbert, California State University - Fresno
  • Daniel Gucciardi, Curtin University

Board Members:

  • Gloria Balague, University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Bonnie G. Berger, Bowling Green State University
  • Britton W. Brewer, Springfield College
  • Damon Burton, University of Idaho
  • Melissa A. Chase, Miami University
  • Dan Gould, Michigan State University
  • Chris Harwood, Loughborough University
  • Kate F. Hays, The Performing Edge
  • Goran Kentta, Swedish School of Sport and Health Science
  • Christopher Mesagno, Federation University Australia
  • Maria Newton, The University of Utah
  • Al Petitpas, Springfield College
  • Trent A. Petrie, University of North Texas
  • Justine J. Reel, University of Utah
  • Michael L. Sachs, Temple University
  • Gloria B. Solomon, Texas Christian University
  • Natalia B. Stambulova, Halmstead University
  • Judy Van Raalte, Springfield College
  • Dave Yukelson, The Pennsylvania State University
  • Jack C. Watson II, West Virginia University

Student Representatives:

  • Tristan Coulter, The University Of Queensland
  • Daniel J. Brown, University of Bath

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