Health and Exercise Psychology Committee

Health and Exercise Psychology focuses on the role of psychological factors in sport and exercise, particularly as they relate to disease development and remediation, coping with stress, and health promotion. A primary concern is with the close relationship between physical and mental health.

The mission of the health and exercise committee is to promote, coordinate, and develop enthusiasm and expertise among AASP members and the sport and exercise public about topics and concerns germane to this committee. Our commitment pertains to both the applied and research areas of sports and exercise psychology integral to our focus areas. Examples of our focus areas are: psychology of injury, exercise addiction, dependence and compliance; drug use and abuse in sport; disordered eating; performance anxiety and it's medical consequences; movement disorders in sport and social physique anxiety.

Activities of HEP Committee include: Review selection for submissions for symposia program; selection of potential keynote speakers for symposia (recommendations to eboard); identification of focus area to be slotted into a high profile slot on program (topic might reflect a high priority concern of HEP committee); review of research proposals and make funding recommendations to executive board; and to provide a liaison and assistance to the SIGS when needed.

The Health and Exercise Psychology Committee members are:

  • Linda Keeler
  • Jeff Cherubini
  • Linda Sterling
  • Sean Fitzpatrick
  • Jill Wierzba
  • Stephen Mathis
  • Abby Rhodes

Special Interest Groups Related to Health and Wellness Focus Area

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