Diversity Committee

The Diversity Committee's charge is to ensure that AASP honors its commitment to diversity. We define diversity broadly and include (but are not limited to) race, ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic status, nationality, physical capacities, and sexual orientation. Our Committee makes recommendations to AASP's Executive Board of strategies and directives that will create an inclusive community for all our members.

The objectives of the Diversity Committee are continually modified as AASP grows in its responsiveness to diversity.

The Diversity Committee members are:

  • Leeja Carter (Chair)
  • Becky Clark
  • Karin Jeffery
  • Latisha Forster Scott
  • Lois Butcher-Poffley
  • Nick Galli
  • Vikki Krane
  • Shannon Baird
  • Jenny Withycombe

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